Bad Habits To Break If You Suffer From TMJ Disorder

Bad Habits To Break If You Suffer From TMJ Disorder

TMJ facial pain and headaches impact about 10% to 15% of Americans, impacting their quality of life and making daily tasks more difficult. The pain, discomfort, and tenderness can affect jaw joints, the face, neck, ears, shoulders, and upper back. Many TMD sufferers experience trouble sleeping, eating, and other activities that make day-to-day living more difficult and stressful. Taking NSAIDs and other traditional pain-killers long-term can cause serious, adverse side effects. We recommend trying these home remedies for effective relief that won’t negatively impact your overall wellness.

Break These Bad Habits

  • Using your teeth to open things: Rather than using your teeth to open things, use tools or scissors. Your teeth should never be used when opening things since it only puts undesirable stress on your TMJs which will make the headaches and pain worse. Keeping a little tool on your keychain or in your purse or wallet can offer you a better alternative.
  • Teeth grinding: If stress and anxiety are causing you to grind your teeth, it is imperative to find effective stress management techniques. Teeth grinding is terrible for your TMJs, making it important to speak with us if you’re aware of this bad habit. My team and I can create a custom-fit oral appliance or nightguard for protecting against this.
  • Nail biting: The unnatural movement of nail biting is detrimental to TMJ pain. We recommend avoiding this habit along with chewing on ice, pens, and other non-food items. Gum chewing should also be avoided by TMD patients in recovery.

Home Remedies

From jaw exercises to proper sleep position, there are home remedies that you can try that are effective in minimizing TMJ facial pain and headaches. I am happy to give you visual demonstrations on jaw exercises and stretches you can complete at home or at work during your appointment. We can give you specific guidance on proper sleep positions, soft food diet for TMD recovery, travel tips, and all the support you need. We can also recommend natural pain relief alternatives that won’t impact your overall wellness.

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