Dental Ozone Therapy

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Bechtel Dentistry is excited to provide Dental Ozone Therapy for patients seeking holistic dentistry treatments that support natural healing and is minimally invasive. We are committed to helping you enjoy optimal health and wellness, using safe alternatives to reduce infection that meet our high standards for biological dentistry.

Dr. Jonathan J. Bechtel, DDS is trained and certified in the use of ozone therapy in holistic dentistry. Our dental office uses the Longevity DOU120 Dental Ozone System. Our experience, expertise, and scientific research guide us. Our patients are provided with the facts about Dental Ozone Therapy Treatment so you can make an informed choice that’s best for your health.

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is 3 molecules of Oxygen coupled together. It is a naturally occurring substance produced by sunlight, and in plasma cells. It is a naturally occurring substance in the human immune system and leaves behind no toxic by-products. One molecule of O3 has more oxidizing power than 3000 molecules of chlorine and kills pathogens 3500x faster than chlorine with no toxic by products. It kills Bacteria, Viruses, is Fungicidal and promotes wound healing. It is effective in treating vascular and degenerative diseases. It also increases tissue oxygenation and signals healing pathways in the body.

At Bechtel Dentistry, Dental Ozone Therapy is incorporated into all of our dental procedures, including treating gum disease, restorative dentistry, and oral surgery to enhance our treatments for the benefit of our patients’ oral health. Dr. Bechtel provides patients with a consultation on Dental Ozone Therapy to help discover whether adding ozone therapy to your dental health care would be beneficial.

We are experiencing an increased demand from patients requesting Dental Ozone Therapy because its holistic, conservative, painless, minimally invasive, and can dramatically decrease healing time.

Dental Ozone Therapy is a powerful weapon against bacteria. This minimally invasive and conservative approach to oral care is fast becoming one of the most effective treatment options used in holistic dentistry today.

What Is Dental Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is an advanced and scientifically backed approach to dentistry with the ability to kill harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease or cavities in your mouth. Ozone is a form of oxygen with the unique ability to disinfect. When used in dentistry this harmless, helpful gas is powerful enough to help us as a natural antibiotic. It has gained significant attention as bacteria become more and more antibiotic-resistant.

The Benefits Of Dental Ozone Therapy

Dental Ozone Therapy provides a safe and holistic dentistry treatment option for our patients who are suffering from a number of oral problems. We are able to remove harmful bacteria without resorting to the use of other products that can have toxic and unhealthy side-effects. Ozone’s therapeutic value over the years is vast, there may be more we have yet to discover. As time goes on, our understanding of ozone and its potential medical benefits continues to grow and progress. Many scientists believe that ozone therapy may have potential as a:
● Anti-inflammatory
● Anti-oxidant
● Option for improving blood flow and circulation
● Neuro-endocrine system stimulant
● Virucidal and fungicidal agent
● Method for boosting immune system response
● Antibacterial agent

What Can Be Treated with Dental Ozone Therapy?

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional dentistry, ozone therapy may be a good option. Dental Ozone Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to help treat a number of oral health issues including:
● Tooth cavities and dental decay
● Gum disease/periodontal disease
● Tooth sensitivity
● Oral infections
● Root canal infections
● Other oral health concerns

During a dental cleaning, ozone can be used to irrigate the pockets and cavities and the mouth, in order to eliminate harmful bacteria. Using ozone therapy during dental surgery or a tooth extraction can help disinfect the area and may also possibly reduce the risk of scarring as well as expedite healing.

Why Should I Consider Ozone Therapy Treatment?

Dental ozone therapy is a popular holistic treatment option for many reasons. Not only can it be used to address a range of dental health issues, but it may also have the ability to positively impact your systemic health and bodily health as a whole.

Here are some of the reasons that our patients come to Bechtel Dentistry for Dental Ozone Therapy Treatment:
Minimally Invasive: Ozone therapy is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure.

All Ages: Dental ozone can be used to treat patients of all ages, including both children and adults.

Faster Recovery: Some dental procedures have a recovery time of a few days while others may take as long as two weeks. On the other hand, for Dental Ozone Therapy, recovery time is usually not required, so the patient can resume life as normal right after their procedure.

Fewer or More Mild Side Effects: There are no known side effects with the use of Dental Ozone Therapy during treatment.

Other Holistic & Biologic Treatments At Bechtel Dentistry

Dental Ozone Therapy is just one of the holistic treatments we provide to all our patients at Bechtel Dentistry. We believe that your dental health is absolutely interconnected to your overall well-being. Our holistic approach focuses on whole-health wellness, from our use of biocompatible materials and safe removal of amalgam fillings, to state-of-the-art dental techniques such as ozone therapy.

Mercury Safe Dentistry

Bechtel Dentistry is a dedicated mercury-safe dentistry that offers mercury-safe removal services. That means that we do not place any mercury fillings and are certified to safely remove mercury fillings for patients throughout the Lansing area. For more Mercury Safe Dentistry information, click here.

IAOMT Certification and Training: Dr. Bechtel is SMART certified from the IAOMT, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. The SMART certification entails a successfully completed training course in regards to proper mercury removal and understanding of the harmful, damaging effects of mercury use in dentistry.

Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentistry

Bechtel Dentistry is committed to providing restorative dental services that uphold our holistic wellness standards. My team and I are honored to offer a biologic alternative to conventional crowns with minimally invasive restorations. Biomimetic restoration utilizes porcelain inlays and onlays as well as stress-reduced direct composite restorations that work together in restoring the biomechanics of damaged teeth. Traditional restorative treatments ranging from metal crowns to gold crowns, amalgam fillings, and porcelain-fused crowns don’t offer the benefit of being minimally conservative. For more information about Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentistry, click here.

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