Minimally Invasive Biomimetic Dentistry

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Bechtel Dentistry is committed to providing restorative dental services that uphold our holistic wellness standards. Dr. Bechtel and our team are honored to offer a biologic alternative to conventional crowns with biomimetic (minimally invasive) restorations. Biomimetic restoration utilizes porcelain inlays and onlays as well as stress-reduced direct composite restorations that work together in restoring the biomechanics of damaged teeth. Traditional restorative treatments ranging from metal crowns to gold crowns, amalgam fillings, and porcelain-fused crowns don’t offer the benefit of being biomimetic. 

While traditional crowns are durable and can offer decades of restoration with proper care, they also may increase your risk for further dental work. According to various studies, approximately 10% to 25% of crown-treated teeth will require root canal treatment down the road. If you experience a chipped crown, tooth decay, or fractures, the replacement crown required is often five times the cost of a regular filling. 

During a crown preparation, the tooth is reduced about the thickness of a quarter all the way around the tooth.  This tooth structure once lost is gone forever. The more tooth structure is removed, the higher the risk of permanent injury or damage to the nerve in a tooth. With a biomimetic restoration, Dr. Bechtel and our team will rebuild the damaged tooth from the inside out. We focus on preserving healthy tooth structure in order to prevent the need for root canal treatment in the future. Another great benefit provided by biomimetic restoration is the ability to repair— when traditional crowns are damaged, they typically need a full replacement. That is not the case with biomimetic restoration. If the materials experience any wear-and-tear or chips, it is easily repairable. Biomimetic restoration is also quite cost-effective, offering an initial cost that is a third less than that of a traditional crown. Our Lansing patients often choose biomimetic restorations over crown work due to all these wonderful benefits. 

The Holistic, Minimally-Invasive Approach versus Traditional Dentistry

The traditional approach for restoring damaged teeth usually relies on a more aggressive preparation in order to provide a stiff, strong restoration. The focus is placed on the strength of the restoration rather than the actual function and biomechanics of that restored tooth. This wrongly placed emphasis has led to further complications, often requiring root canals and more aggressive, invasive treatments in the future. This leads to the cycle of unfortunately losing teeth to successful traditional dental treatments. 

Biomimetic dentistry provides a holistic outlook, where only the decay and damage are removed from teeth. The final restoration is then bonded to your remaining healthy tooth structure. Biomimetic restoration offers better long-term function and acts to preserve more tooth in order to stop the restorative dental cycle.  

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry? 

Biomimetic dentistry’s literal translation means “to copy what is life-like”. Nature offers the most successful and ideal healing properties for our natural teeth. Bechtel Dentistry is dedicated to restoring teeth back to its original function, strength, and appearance. Biomimetic dentistry accomplishes effective restoration while upholding our holistically inclined, conservative wellness standards. 

The Benefits of Biomimetic Dentistry for Lansing Patients

Teeth that are restored with the biomimetic approach are at a significantly lower risk for requiring endodontic therapy, crowns, and potential extraction. Biomimetic dentistry has allowed our team to learn proper damage detection and removal along with a minimally-invasive tooth structure restoration method that mimics the natural design of a tooth.  

Biomimetic methods offer the incredible benefit of being a more cost-effective option than traditional restorative treatments. Biomimetic treatments are typically more affordable in the long term due to their repairability and capability of minimizing the need for further dental work. This approach preserves more of your natural tooth, embracing biomechanical function and natural tooth design. Biomimetic treatments are also easier for Lansing patients to tolerate, providing a better restorative experience. 

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