TMJ/TMD Self Assessment

Bechtel Dentistry is honored to provide our effective, holistic approach for TMJ/TMD care. Our self-assessment questionnaire is designed for ease and convenience for all of our patients living throughout Lansing and the surrounding area. This complimentary TMJ/TMD assessment can help you assess if your current TMJ health. Please contact our office as soon as possible… READ MORE

Lansing’s Premier Source for Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Bechtel Dentistry is a dedicated mercury-free facility offering mercury-safe removal services. That means that we do not place any mercury fillings and are certified to safely remove mercury fillings, utilizing a specific protocol, for patients throughout the Lansing area. I am certified in SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) from the IAOMT, International Academy of… READ MORE

Got TMJ Pain? I Can Help Provide Relief!

Hello, this is Dr. Jonathan Bechtel, DDS and I am honored to extend my TMJ/TMD expertise for patients suffering from this painful condition including facial pain, jaw pain, headaches and more. All of our individualized treatment plans embrace our holistic approach, offering minimally-invasive, yet effective methodology. Our team is here to provide the support you… READ MORE

Home Remedies for Alleviating TMJ Headaches and Facial Pain

TMJ facial pain and headaches impact about 10% to 15% of Americans, impacting their quality of life and making daily tasks more difficult. The pain, discomfort, and tenderness can affect jaw joints, the face, neck, ears, shoulders, and upper back. Many TMD sufferers experience trouble sleeping, eating, and other activities that make day-to-day living more… READ MORE

Proper TMJ Management Can Improve Your Quality of Life

TMD sufferers often experience a myriad of symptoms that can impact day-to-day living, affecting their quality of life. Some of the more common symptoms of TMD include pain, discomfort, and tenderness throughout their jaw joints, face, neck, ears, shoulders, and even upper back. TMJ pain impacts about 10% to 15% of Americans, making proper management… READ MORE

What Are the Best Sleep Positions for TMJ Patients?

Sleep can often be underappreciated until you start to experience difficulties with getting the proper rest you need. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally, putting you at higher risk for considerable health conditions. Sleep is so important for your overall wellness as well as your oral health. TMJ/TMD patients… READ MORE

TMJ Treatments for Lansing, Michigan

TMJ Treatments for Lansing, Michigan As a Lansing dentist, TMJ health is a topic that I frequently receive questions about. I see a fair amount of patients from Lansing, Holt, Okemos, and Mason that experience TMJ health related issues, although they usually don’t know they are at the time that the symptoms are occuring. That’s… READ MORE

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care As a Lansing dentist and dental health coach, preventative care is one of the areas of dental health that I feel most strongly about. Practicing proper preventative care, both at home and by visiting the dentist, is essential for maintaining good oral health. Through regular care and maintenance, our Lansing dentist can… READ MORE

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gum Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a type of inflammatory Arthritis that is also an autoimmune disease.  Although the reasons why it occurs are not fully understood, the immune system is over reactive and attacks the body’s own synovial tissue throughout the entire body.  The synovium is a thin membrane that lines all of the joints in… READ MORE

The Road Less Traveled

I did a Google search on a question today.  What is more important to Americans, Health or Money?  The search took me to a website called  The site posted the questions, tallied the responses and allowed the respondents to comment.  I was shocked to see that the poll was running 50/50 in respondents choosing… READ MORE

Oh My Beating Heart!

Blood pressure is a measurement most of us are familiar with.  It provides a critical insight into the health of someone’s cardiovascular system.  It is a reading that should be taken at every medical visit.  It consists of two numbers, the first number being Systolic, which is the pressure of the blood as it is… READ MORE

Dental Fitness 101

One thing I think we pride ourselves on in our dental office is our focus on preventive care. The reality is that whether you go to a dentist or not is NOT going to be the primary indicator of whether or not you keep your teeth in your mouth the rest of your life. Now… READ MORE