What Are the Best Sleep Positions for TMJ Patients?

What Are the Best Sleep Positions for TMJ Patients?

Sleep can often be underappreciated until you start to experience difficulties with getting the proper rest you need. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can impact you physically, mentally, and emotionally, putting you at higher risk for considerable health conditions. Sleep is so important for your overall wellness as well as your oral health. TMJ/TMD patients are often too familiar with having trouble staying comfortable throughout the night in order to accumulate a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in the wrong position can worsen your TMD symptoms, making it crucial to understand the proper position you should be sleeping in. Bechtel Dentistry is happy to extend our TMJ/TMD care expertise, helping you accomplish that good night’s rest that you’ve been looking for.

Our Sleeping Tips for Lansing Patients with TMD

Facial pain and discomfort are some of the leading symptoms associated with TMD, making it even more significant to find the right head and neck support. Dr. Bechtel recommends taking the time to research and invest in supportive pillows that enable better posture. Pillows with adequate support should help relieve your tension and reduce the overcompensation of your neck and face muscles. Support is key– while you may prefer flatter, softer pillows, these won’t provide the amount of support you need. Moderate to high support pillows are recommended for TMJ/TMD patients. If you’ve noticed that there are certain positions that enable your jaw clenching or teeth grinding more, please avoid these positions. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding deteriorate TMJ health, making it important to let us know if these are conditions you’re dealing with. We can provide custom-tailored oral appliances for you that protect against permanent damage caused by bruxism.

Recommended Sleep Positions for Minimizing TMJ Pain

The worst position for TMD sufferers is sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach causes improper spine alignment and places undesirable stress on your jaw. This position also increases the risk of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. We also recommend avoiding laying on your side with a hand under the pillow. This position puts unnecessary stress on your facial muscles while also creating a misalignment for your neck and head. The best sleep position for any individual suffering from TMD or poor TMJ health is sleeping on your back. This promotes proper head and neck alignment while also reducing your risk for teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Our holistic approach ensures that you understand the best sleep position for your TMJ condition.

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