Proper TMJ Management Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Proper TMJ Management Can Improve Your Quality of Life

TMD sufferers often experience a myriad of symptoms that can impact day-to-day living, affecting their quality of life. Some of the more common symptoms of TMD include pain, discomfort, and tenderness throughout their jaw joints, face, neck, ears, shoulders, and even upper back. TMJ pain impacts about 10% to 15% of Americans, making proper management important for our patients to continue eating well and living a better quality of life. Bechtel Dentistry is honored to provide leading TMJ/TMD care and support for patients living throughout the Lansing area.

Lifestyle Changes for Managing TMJ Pain

  • Better stress management: Anxiety and stress both impact TMD, often exacerbating this condition. When chronic stress is left unmanaged, it can lead to numerous concerns that impact your mind and body. Finding stress management techniques that are effective for you is key to helping alleviate the symptoms of TMD.
  • Poor habit changes: There are certain habits that can lead to TMJ flare-ups. These habits include chewing on pens, ice, and fingernails. We also recommend limiting your gum chewing in order to minimize unnecessary pressure on your TMJs. Patients may also be in the habit of chronic NSAID or other over-the-counter pain-killer use. Natural pain relief options and minimizing these habits are crucial for your overall wellness. We’re happy to provide natural alternative recommendations that are within our holistic standards.
  • Good posture: Good posture ensures proper neck and head alignment, helping ease that excessive pressure on your jaw joints. Prioritizing good posture helps stabilize your jaw. This practice includes sleeping on you back with good neck support and being aware of how you hold your phone. Dr. Bechtel and our team can show you tips on performing day-to-day tasks that provide better TMD management.

The Importance of Proper Meal Prepping for TMD Patients

Putting in the time and consideration for what you eat is important for any patient suffering from TMD. During recovery, we recommend making all the necessary lifestyle changes in addition to taking the time to prep your food. Be aware that softer foods are crucial for speeding up your recovery. The less work your jaw has to do, the quicker your TMJs can heal. Here are some examples of different foods you can incorporate into your diet:

  • Canned fish and chicken
  • Pureed fruit
  • Fruit juice, vegetable juice, and smoothies
  • White rice and rice porage soup
  • Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Bananas
  • Untoasted white bread
  • Mangoes
  • Avocados
  • Egg noodles
  • Cottage cheese

Our holistic dentistry understands the importance of the soft food diet for TMD sufferers and is happy to provide nutritional coaching in order to boost your overall wellness.

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