Patient Testimonial Spotlight

Patient Testimonial Spotlight

I have found my experience with Dr. Bechtel to be completely satisfactory. I have observed him to be patient, logical, extremely detailed, caring, willing to help in whatever I asked of him, and persistent in achieving our mutual goals.

I met Dr. Bechtel in 2020 when I had my third episode of TMJ. Two prior episodes had been treated with oral prosthetic devices applied to my lower teeth. I was very faithful with using my prosthetics every night since my first episode, so each subsequent episode occurred despite this habit. As this was my third episode, I decided to look for another TMJ specialist. I found Dr. Bechtel on-line. I chose him because his website stated that he had an interest not only in TMJ problems, but also had some training in minimally invasive biomimetic dentistry, a type of dentistry that I had been introduced to when I lived in California and which I favored. His office is located 70 miles from my home, but I felt somewhat desperate.

My first consultation with him lasted over three hours during which he provided a detailed lecture on the anatomy and function of the TM joint. He then described the type of corrective device that he used. (It was called a MAGO, which stands for Maxillary-Anterior-Guided-Orthotic. It is a plastic orthotic, custom designed for me to allow my jaw to function in its proper position while protecting my teeth and providing relaxation to the muscles of my face and neck.) It would be applied to my upper teeth and would require frequent adjustments. He explained that once my bite was stable, I should anticipate orthodontic work and/or surgery to achieve a more permanent solution.
Once I was fitted with the MAGO prosthetic device, I was then scheduled for multiple sessions during which Dr. Bechtel would correct and adjust the MAGO to move my TM joint into proper alignment.

Initially I was seen once per week for several months and with time, less frequently. All the adjustment visits have been part of the initial payment for the MAGO prosthetic. This completely eliminated the concern that I might be scheduled for multiple and frequent visits so as to continue to charge for his service. During this same period, I had a dental cleaning and minor reduction of a prior crown for which I was charged. This I considered completely appropriate.

After about a year of adjustments, Dr. Bechtel believed that we had reached a level of stability of my symptoms and bite, that we could now move on to orthodontic evaluation to determine what could be done to provide a long-term solution to my TMJ problem. Dr. Bechtel arranged for me to seek several opinions. I also sought independent opinions. Dr. Bechtel was always available to provide records to all the other specialists and communicate with them. Ultimately, all the orthodontists that I visited reached the conclusion that my situation would require extensive work and that my condition might be made worse rather than improved. This did not please Dr. Bechtel. In truth, I think it upset him considerably more than it did me. Clearly his goal was to completely solve my problem, yet this could not be accomplished without major surgery to my jaw which I was not interested in pursuing.

Dr. Bechtel guided me along this journey but was never pushy or obstinate. I know that I can continue to count on his care and his continued interest in my welfare.

Silvana Martino DO, FACOI

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