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Dentures & Partials

Dentures & Partials

Customizing your dentures can restore looks and lead to a happier you. 

Removable prosthetics (Dentures, Partial Dentures and Implant-Supported Dentures) are one of Dr. Bechtel’s favorite parts of dentistry.  He has worked very hard over the last twelve years to offer our prosthetic patients the very best skills, experience, outcome we can possibly achieve.

Our Goals are Comfort, Chewing Ability, Natural Appearance, and Excellence in Speech. 

The Ability to effectively chew food is critical to good digestion.  Poorly made or ill-fitting dentures or partial dentures can wreak havoc on an individual’s mouth.  Solutions can be as simple as relining or refitting an existing denture.  In certain situations new dentures or implant supported dentures are the answer.

Let’s Work Together to Create What you Want!

Many patients come in and are dissatisfied with some feature of their dentures.  Many feel as though their wants needs or concerns were ignored, leaving them disappointed with the process.  Utilizing a technique called the Turbyfil Modified Branching Technique allows you to have a provisional or trial denture that can be fine-tuned until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. So we work together to get comfort, speech, natural appearance until you are satisfied.

We begin with old photographs and identify unchanging “landmarks” to help us know just where the teeth belong in the face. Even the internal fit of the denture is functionally correct. It is made from an impression captured in action (during chewing, talking, smiling, swallowing, etc.) rather than an impression that is pressed into the tissue for a few minutes while the patient is holding still. Predictability, comfort and satisfaction are finally possible.

Transition with Dignity!

If you are scared about making the transition from a broken down or failing dentition into a prosthesis for the first time, we are here for you!  We want to make sure that you feel and look your best all the way through the process.  The healing phase of the process can be rough but we are committed to see you and help keep you as comfortable as we can (at no extra charge) until your new dentures look great and feel comfortable and secure.  You will not have to go without teeth!

Do you need to feel more “Socially” Security? 

Even with our best efforts there are still some patients who struggle with their lower denture because of atrophy of their upper or lower ridge of bone over a number of years.  Thanks to the miracles of dental implants placing as few as two or three implant fixtures can give an experienced denture wearer a new outlook on their denture.  The stability and confidence obtained with an implant supported denture is unparalleled.  They really make an incredible difference.  The implants with special attachments allow the denture to snap in like buttons on a coat!